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Born 12/07/20    Ready 2/01/21

Reds - $750  Tri-Color - $675

Lucy - Dam
Sire - Batman 

Call Sue 319-931-5961

I've had Beagles almost my entire life and have been breeding them for the last 11 years. Their appeal has the most to do with their personality - cheerful, friendly and affectionate, great with other pets, incredibly tolerant with small kids, funny  - and sometimes just plain ornery.  Who can resist those soulful eyes and long, floppy ears??  They really enjoy a fenced-in yard since being outdoors is "in their genes". Yet, they're small enough to make great indoor pets.  Yes - they shed - but that's where a good "Furminator" brush comes in handy. Come visit our joyful little souls. They'll make you smile!!
"Beagles have been near the top of the AKC’s registration statistics for decades. Their friendly nature, sturdy yet relative small size and good scenting ability make it a versatile, loving and amusing companion in a variety of activities.  In addition to the show ring, field/pack trials and other organized performance events, Beagles are used to detect contraband at airports and borders, termite inspection and as therapy dogs in convalescent hospitals and retirement homes, and likely most important of all, marvelous family companions."
Female 4000
Female 3991
Female 3995
Female 3984
Female 4001
Female 3988
Female 3994
Male 3985
Male 3996
Lucy's Last Litter 
Born 8/05/19  Ready 9/30/19

Dyer Farms Beagles

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

Batman - Sire


"Buzz"  Male         

Dam: Gracie'

UKC Tri-Color

Sire: Batman


Lucy - Red/White Beagle