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Miniature Schnauzer

2020-03-03 Joni 4.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo Joni-3.JPG

Schnockerpoo Puppies for Sale

   Miniature Schnauzer /  F1 Cockapoo

Born 2/09/20   Ready 4/12/20




Wonderful cross of an F1 Cockapoo (1st generation) and a mega-coated Miniature Schnauzer. Very popular on both coasts.

Schnauzers are a hypoallergenic breed and Cockapoos are low-to-no-shed. These puppies are perfect for allergy sufferers with their thick, gorgeous, silky coats. Joyful, friendly personalities with tails that don't quit wagging. Should be 18-25 lb. as an adult.

ATTENTION: We no longer breed Schnockerpoos. Joni is retired & will be spayed 5/26/21.

We are expecting "mega-coats" from these puppies.  Their hair will be very thick & silky soft.

2020-03-08 Drake Sue.jpg
2020-03-12 Drake.jpg
New - 4/01/20
New - 3/26/20

Older videos of  this litter are located on my YouTube channel under "Sue Dyer" . Choose the Sue Dyer with 650 or so subscribers and put  videos in  chronological order.

2020-02-21 Schnockerpoos Joni Drake 2 (3
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo Litter Joni Drak
Male 1
Female 1
Male 3
Female 2
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo M3 F2 M1.JPG
Male 3       Female 2         Male 1  
2020-03-03 Joni with Schnockerpoo Litter
Male 1
Chocolate & White Parti
$1500 RESERVED for Kelly
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo M1-3 Joni.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo M1-4 Joni.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo M1 Joni.JPG
2020-02-21 Schnockerpoos M1 Joni Drake (
Male 2 -  Reserved for Jordan E.
Apricot -tinged Buff, Chocolate Nose
Male 2
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo M3 F1 M3.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo M2-2 Joni.JPG
Male 3 - RESERVED for Emily C.
Lt.. Buff, Smallest of the Litter
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo M3-2 Joni.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo M3-1 Joni.JPG
Female 1 - Reserved for Wilhelmina D.
Apricot, White Feet
White Markings
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo F1-2 Joni.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo F1-4 Joni.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo F1-1 Joni.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo F2 M3 F1-2 Joni.
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo F1-3 Joni.JPG
2020-02-21 Schnockerpoos F1 Joni Drake (
2020-02-21 Schnockerpoos F1-2 Joni Drake
Female 2  - Reserved for Kyle P.
Apricot, White Back Feet
Chocolate Nose
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo F2-1 Joni.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo F2-3 Joni.JPG
2020-03-03 Schnockerpoo F2-2.JPG
2020-02-21 Schnockerpoos F2-2 Joni Drake
2020-02-21 Schnockerpoos F2-1 Joni Drake

Dyer Farms Mini Schnockerpoos

Spring 2019 Litter

All Have Great Homes


Rocco, shown in this video,
has a great home.
2019-12-11 Schnockerpoo Rocco.JPG
Schnockerpoos M Beanie Dante 3.JPG
Schnockerpoos F Beanie Dante.JPG
Schnockerpoos M Beanie Dante.JPG
Schnockerpoos Females Beanie Dante.JPG
Schnockerpoos F Beanie Dante 2.JPG
Schnockerpoos Apricot 2 Beanie Dante.JPG
Schnockerpoos F Apricot Beanie Dante.JPG
Schnockerpoos All Beanie Dante.JPG

Dyer Farms Mini Schnockerpoo

"Rocco"   Dec, 2019


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