Born here at Dyer Farms

 UKC Beagle Puppies for Sale


4 Males    3 Females

Sadie / Buddy Litter

$675 + 7% Iowa Sales Tax


Dam - Sadie

UKC registered tri-color

Sire - Buddy

UKC registered tri-color

Call Sue to Reserve 319-931-5961

I've had Beagles almost my entire life and have been breeding them for the last 12 years. Their appeal has the most to do with their personality - cheerful, friendly and affectionate, great with other pets, incredibly tolerant with small kids, funny  - and sometimes just plain ornery.  Who can resist those soulful eyes and long, floppy ears??  They really enjoy a fenced-in yard since being outdoors is "in their genes". Yet, they're small enough to make great indoor pets.  Yes - they shed - but that's where a good "Furminator" brush comes in handy. Come visit our joyful little souls. They'll make you smile!!

Video 12/09/20

Video 11/25/20

Please be aware that tri-color Beagles are born black & white with just a few touches of  gold or tan. You will see the gold start to come on within 4-6 weeks.  Sometimes it takes 6 months or even longer to see all the gold on the head shade in.

Female 1 - #4739 RESERVED

Female 2 - #3993 - RESERVED


Male 1 - #3992 RESERVED 

Male 2 - #3998 - RESERVED

Male 3 - #3986 - RESERVED

Male 4 - #3989 - RESERVED

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Mom, "Sadie" with her litter
Sadie / Buddy Litter

Sire: "Buddy"

AKC Registered



 Dam: "Lucy"

UKC Registerd


Dam: Gracie'

UKC Tri-Color

"Buzz"  Male         

Lucy - Red/White Beagle

Sire: Batman