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2021-09-16 Beagles 51 Penny Batman (232).jpg
Dam - Penny
UKC Registered

Beagle Puppies for Sale

Born 3/22/22    Ready 5/17/22
4 Males   1 Female
UKC Registered

$750 + Iowa Sales tax 7% for Tri-Colors
$850 + Iowa Sales tax 7% for Lemon

Call Sue at 319-931-5961


Sire - Batman
UKC Registered

My Beagles are for pets only and are priced accordingly.  I highly recommend  a fenced-in yard for this breed unless you plan on spending a lot of time on walks and at dog parks.  Beagles truly love the great outdoors and deserve a chance to experience it with a responsible owner.  Reservations are for your place in line to choose a puppy from this litter at around 5 weeks of age.  Place in line is first come, first serve. Visits at 5 weeks of age are welcome but lots of pictures and videos will be posted for those who are unable to come until pick-up. When you call, please give me your full name, address & phone number, choice of sex , color  and how a $150 nonrefundable deposit will be made to Dyer Farms, Inc.  Personal checks, Venmo and money orders will be accepted. PayPal will be accepted with a 2 1/2% fee added.  As reservations are taken, you will see a list compiled containing this information below.  Litter reservations may not be transferred to other litters.  Please see Lucy's litter page if you need more puppy choices.

Click HERE for Lucy's Litter Page.

Video 5/11/22
Video 2    5/11/22

New Video 4/29/22

Female - White & Tan

2022-05-11 Beagles Penny F6433 3.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny F6433 2.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny F6433 4.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6434 (3).jpg

3 Male - TriColors
All Reserved

Male 6431
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 5.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 7.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 8.jpg
Male 6430
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 3.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 8.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 1.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 11.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 12.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6430 9.jpg
Male 6432
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6432 3 (2).jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny 2.jpg

1 Male - White & Tan 6434  (Lemon)

2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6434 5.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6434 (5).jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6434 (6).jpg

Reservation List

Female - White & Tan -Ryan M.  Iowa City, Iowa
Male - White & Tan - Jens H.   Ankeny, Iowa
Male-Tri-Color -Haleina K.  Waterloo, Iowa
Male - Tri-Color - Kindred P. of Bettendorf, Iowa
Male - Tri-Color - Allen & Cherish L. of Morrison, Illinois

2021-09-16 Beagles 37 Penny Batman (154).jpg
2021-09-16 Beagles  54 Penny Batman (245).jpg
2021-09-09 Beagles F2847 3 Penny Batman (75).jpg
2021-09-09 Beagles 13 Penny Batman (213).jpg
2021-09-16 Beagles 5 Penny Batman (23).jpg

Beagles from Prior Litters


2021-09-09 Beagles M2842 2 Penny Batman (58).jpg
2021-09-09 Beagles M2842 3 Penny Batman (61).jpg
2021-09-09 Beagles M2860 2 Penny Batman (6).jpg
2021-09-16 Beagles 34 Penny Batman (143).jpg
2021-09-16 Beagles 51 Penny Batman (239).jpg
2021-09-01 Beagles Pixi Penny Batman (64).jpg
2021-09-16 Beagles 39 Penny Batman (171).jpg
2021-09-16 Beagles 46 Penny Batman (207).jpg
2021-09-16 Beagles 49 Penny Batman (222).jpg
2021-09-16 Beagles 39 Penny Batman (171).jpg
2020-05-07 Beagles Penny.jpg
2020-05-07 Beagles M5979 3 Penny Batman.
2020-05-07 Beagles F2 2 Penny Batman.jpg

Copyright 2021 Sue Dyer

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