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Attention - We are no longer breeding Cockapoo Puppies


These Cockapoo puppies are 1/2 registered American Cocker Spaniel & 1/2 registered Miniature Poodle.

They came to me at  8 weeks from a breeder I've been working with for  over 4 years.

Cockapoos are low-to-no-shed & have low dander - great for allergy sufferers.

Cockapoos are easy to train and known to be great family pets.

They're gorgeous!!!  We do NOT cut off their beautiful  tails!!

They come with:

* Complete health record to take to your vet

* 5-Generation Pedigree

*Micro-chip implant & micro-chip ID registration

*Royal Canin  and/or NutriSource Puppy Food

*Food Recommendations for the future

*Vaccination guidelines for the future health of your puppy

* Our backing for LIFE



Apricot Male 3071

$1250 - Reserved

Black Male 3063

$950 - Reserved

Buff/White Male 3080

 $1250 - Reserved

Dyer Farms Cockapoos
Not for Sale - All Have Great Homes
"The Sock Odessey"
These puppies are not for sale.

Mia, Connor & Dani

Various Cockapoo Puppies

Tommy & Female 5289

"The  Chase"