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Guarantees and Agreement

Our puppies and dogs come to you with apropriate vaccinations and de-wormings for their age.  At 8 weeks, the earliest they would be available to go home with you, they have been vaccinated with high quality vaccines for:


1) Parvovirus - A highly fatal viral disease of the intestines.

2) Distemper - An airborne disease of the lungs, intestines & brain.

3) Canine Adenovirus -  A viral disease of the liver.

4) Canine Adenovirus2 - A viral disease of the respiratory system.

5) Parainfluenza - Infectious bronchitis.

Puppies are vaccinated with rabies after the age of 16 weeks in Iowa.  A licensed veterinarian must administer this vaccination.

We encourage you to take your new puppy for a complete examination by your vet within a couple of days of pick-up.  At that time your vet can establish a vaccination protocol that is appropriate for your area.  Seek a vet that you can trust since there is some controversy over what vaccinations are needed and how often they should be given.

Our puppies have also been de-wormed  and have been given an initial dose of parasite medication.  You and your vet should initiate heartworm prevention immediately.

Since we follow a rigid vaccination & medication schedule approved by our vet, and we only have fit, healthy doggy parents, we guarantee the health AND genetic health of our puppies.  If within 5 days of receiving your puppy, a licensed vet confirms a communicable illness, Dyer Farms will cover a reasonable and normal amount of treatment if notified prior to said treatment.  Should your puppy be diagnosed with any life-threatening genetic illness or disorder by your licensed vet, he/she may be kept or returned to us with documented proof, for a full refund of purchase price.

This guarantee, along with full details, is in our "Sales Agreement and Guarantee", with signed copies provided.

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