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F1a Cockapoo Puppies for Sale

2These puppies are 3/4 American Cocker Spaniel & 1/4 Miniature Poodle

They should weigh 20 - 25 lbs average.

Most are low-to-no-shed

Born 4/09/19   Ready to Go Now

All Out of Puppies

Attention : We no longer breed Cockapoo Puppies

Dam - "Diva"
AKC Registered
American Cocker Spaniel

All of our puppies are:

  • up-to-date on vaccinations and de-wormings.

  • micro-chipped.

  • backed for life

Sire - "Drake"
F1 Cockapoo
Female - Black with Tan & White  Markings
                               $1250 - RESERVED
Cockapoos F1a F Diva.jpg
Cockapoos F1a F Diva 2.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F Diva 7.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F2 Diva 6.jpg
Cockapoo F1a Diva 4.jpg
Cockapoo F1a Diva 5.jpg
Female - Chocolate & White Parti
Chocolate Base with Bluegreen Eyes
                       $1500   RESERVED
Cockapoo F1a F2 Diva 5.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F2 Diva 3.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F2 Diva 2.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F2 Diva.jpg
Female - Buff with White Chest
Chocolate Base with Bluegreen Eyes
                       $1250  Reserved
Cockapoo F1a F3 Diva 3.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F3 Diva.jpg
Cockapoos F1a All Diva.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F3 Diva 2.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F3 Diva 4.jpg


Past F1a Cockapoo Puppies

Diva & Drake's Spring 2018 Litter
Dharri & Drake's  Spring 2018 Litter
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