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4 Litters of Beagle Puppies for Sale

Wow! Mother Nature hits all at once!! It's rather common for female dogs to go into heat at the same time, and it definitely happened here! We have 20 little Beagle males and females either ready to go home now or shortly. Colors include tri-color (black,white & gold), white & tan, and broken-white tri-color (white that isn't continuous, that may be the background color, and that is separated by other colors)

Example of tri-color Beagles

Beagles make wonderful family pets. They love children and other pets - including cats since our puppies socialize with Mr. Kat from day 1. They also are affectionate, have a funny sense of humor, enjoy the great outdoors and are wonderful little charmers that will make your heart melt. Now is the best time to get a puppy from us - it will be a while before we will have any more - definitely next year. Call Sue at 319-931-5961, then come play with one of the best breeds on the face of the planet.

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