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AoC-Wiki-Index Version 3.2 == Introduction == This page documents all information about, and tips to use the LOKI trainer. A LOKI Training Tool will be the topic of the next section. === Overview of the LOKI Trainer === LOKI is a tool used to train up to ten avatars at once, without having to create new characters on the server. This tool enables us to train an avatar while still playing the game, and thus save time when creating new characters. In this guide, the following terms will be used: * server: in DAoC, the server in which the game is played. This server belongs to the Avlis-Group. * dungeon: dungeon is the term for the location in which the avatar is trained. The training is done automatically at the chosen Dungeon, and the avatar is brought to the Dungeon automatically. For this purpose, a Dungeon Map and the LOKI Trainer are required. * avatar: a representation of a player. In DAoC, an avatar can be either player or non-player. Non-player avatars are used for training and for avatar-led quests. Player avatars are used to actually play the game. * trainer: LOKI is a trainer. It is installed on the server, and keeps the avatars at their chosen location. The avatars train themselves on the quests set by the trainer, at the leisure of the trainer. The quest is automatically finished when the avatar has reached the required level. * LOKI: the trainer. Its function is to show the chosen dungeon, and to guide the avatar through the quest. === Overview of LOKI === LOKI is a Trainer used to train avatars at locations, thus saving time for players when creating new characters. When the avatars train, a trainer can be sent to a location and the avatar will be taken to that location. The method used is the same as when the LOKI sends an avatar to a location, but LOKI will run a dialogue where the trainer can guide the avatars through the quest. LOKI is a service of the DAoC-Group (see the Avlis-Group for a description of the server-group). === Overview of DAoC === DAoC is a mmo (massively multiplayer



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Loki Daoc Platinum 2 4 Serials [Latest]

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