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- Fully customizable interface- Allows you to block remote file access- Will display name of computer and IP address where access was attempted- Can be used in any system where IsoShare, SonicShare or other remote file sharing software is installed- Versatile and easy to use utility- Local and remote monitoring- Can report information about all files shared, including those not opened by a remote user- Can specify hotkeys to access information quickly- Can specify computers to block in the blacklist- Can log file details to file for later analysis- Can also set up automatic execution of a script on specified computer on specific time interval- Allows you to specify a custom date and time format in the interface- Alerts when a file is accessed remotely- Includes free add-on for password protection of shared files- Includes free add-on to monitor use of file sharing features- Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 compatibleAll the content is completely free to use for both personal and commercial use. Please send bug reports and feature requests by email ( or by skype (shemalfawknocker).Download : Windows 7/8/8.1/10 compatible.Purchase: ACTIVE SHARE MONITOR FEATURES:- monitor sessions- monitor opened files- monitor files when not opened- monitor all files- monitor files opened in different programs- automatically close session if file is accessed remotely (add-on available for password protection)- block computers from accessing shared files (in blacklist)- set up automatic execution of a script on specified computer- add computers to blacklist- be notified of access attempt- display details of shared, opened, not opened, used and free space (add-on available for password protection)- specify and customize date and time formats- specify folder for logs- specify hotkeys for quick access- install in any system with SonicShare, IsoShare or other remote file sharing software- track remote access even when connected via Bluetooth or WIFI- local and remote monitoring- specify computers for monitoring- specify automatic execution of a script on specified computer- verify and correct file 08929e5ed8

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