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est. 2011

Dedicated to my mom, who loved all living creatures

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Dyer Farms is located 60 miles south of Iowa City, close to the Missouri and Illinois borders. Choose your next fur-baby from a breeder who loves dogs & puppies as much as you do!            Come see us!!

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Sue phone: 319-931-5961

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Beagle Puppies for Sale

Born 9/02/20

Maggie Mae / Buddy Litter

2 Males & 2 Females

All Reserved

2020-05-06 Beagles F5969 Camo Buddy (1)_
Not for Sale
Willow due in 1 week

Attention Owners:

Having Tech Issues;

Hopefully 1 more day

for pictures.  Sorry.

Cover Girl Beagle

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Adult Miniature Schnauzers Available

Under Construction



Miniature Schnauzers for Sale

2020-09-15 Min Schnauzers M4727 11 Joni
Male 4727
2020-09-15 Min Schnauzers 6 Joni Dante (
Born 8/15/20
Joni / Dante Joker Litter
4 Males & 1 Female
All Reserved
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2020-09-15 Min Schnauzers M4738 6 Joni D
Male 4738
2020-09-15 Min Schnauzers FX 2 Joni Dant
Female 4741
Video 9/15/20
2020-09-15 Min Schnauzers M4723 15 Joni
Male 4723
2020-09-15 Min Schnauzers M4732 6 Joni D
Male 4732
Sue 6 Teeth.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F2 Diva 6.jpg




Miniature Schnauzer, Cockapoo, Beagle and Schnockerpoo Puppies Iowa
Miniature Schnauzer, Cockapoo, Beagle and Schnockerpoo Puppies Iowa

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