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Dog Breeder - Dyer Farms - Iowa

Dyer Farms, Inc.

"Marilyn J. Noll Schnauzer Haus"

est. 2011

Dedicated to my mom, who loved all living creatures

Welcome to Dyer Farms

Home to Healthy, Happy Beagle Puppies

Dyer Farms is located 60 miles south of Iowa City, close to the Missouri and Illinois borders. Choose your next fur-baby from a breeder who loves dogs & puppies as much as you do!            Come see us!!

Please call or text

Sue phone: 319-931-5961

Emails will only  be answered as time permits

Email: sue@dyerfarms.

2020-05-06 Beagles F5969 Camo Buddy (1)_
Not for Sale
Cover Girl Beagle

Beagle Puppies for Sale

Pixi / Max Litter

Born 7/27/22

Ready 9/21/22

All Reserved

2022-09-13 Beagles F1 2 Pixi Max (6).jpg


2022-09-13 Beagles M2 3  Pixi Max (41).jpg
2022-09-13 Beagles F2 1 Pixi Max (17).jpg
2022-09-13 Beagles M1 1 Pixi Max (30).jpg
2022-09-13 Beagles M3 2 Pixi Max (55).jpg

*****Do You Want To Be A Beagle Owner?****
Consider this info before deciding if a Beagle is right for you.

Beagles LOVE the great outdoors - unless you plan on spending a considerable amount of time on walks & visiting dog parks, it is absolutely necessary to have a fenced-in yard where they can play and follow their noses.  If you don't have it - please consider a different breed.  Proper attention needs to be given to routines & training as they grow. Having a plan before bringing a puppy home will create a happy & successful future with one of the best breeds on the face of the earth.

Beagles are loyal, happy & fun!
They'll make you laugh with their antics and orneriness.
They make a great family pet because they love people .
Beagles have been & remain a favorite breed in the U.S.A
All Dyer Farms Beagle puppies are bred & born right here.
All are UKC registered..

2022-06-16 Beagles Lucy M6569.jpg
2022-06-03 Beagles Skye M6578 1.jpg
2022-05-11 Beagles Penny M6432 3 (3).jpg
2022-06-16 Beagles Lucy F2851 2.jpg
2022-05-16 Beagles Lucy 1.jpg
2021-09-09 Beagles 1 Penny Batman (226).jpg
2022-05-17 Beagles Lucy M2857 3.jpg
DSCF84642018-08-20 Cookie.JPG
2021-09-11 Cookie Adopted
Cookie's New Family!!
Rich, Sharon & Baxter Beagle
2021-07-13 Sayers 3 (22).jpg
2021-06-13 Beagles Pixie Camo Buddy (43)


Pixi is staying here with us at Dyer Farms.
Skye's Litter 3/10/21
2021-03-13 Connor 3(6).jpg
2021-03-13 Beagles Mia Connor Skye Buddy
2021-02-28 Beagles M3999 Skye Buddy
2020-09-27 Beagles Connor Mia Maggie Bud
Sue 6 Teeth.jpg
Cockapoo F1a F2 Diva 6.jpg

Adult Miniature Schnauzers Available

Under Construction



2018-12-05 Beagles (58)Rachel Berner rec




Miniature Schnauzer, Cockapoo, Beagle and Schnockerpoo Puppies Iowa
Miniature Schnauzer, Cockapoo, Beagle and Schnockerpoo Puppies Iowa

How to


a Puppy

2018-12-05 Annie BusterRachel Berner rec

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